Tackle the root cause today

Tackle the root cause today

What can a trauma coach do for you?

Organizations may have to deal with the consequences of a major event.

Think of a traffic accident, sudden death of a colleague or family member, dismissal of employees, long-term illness, fire, terrorist attack, armed robbery, burnout, bullying at work.

These events cause stress, fear, sadness… this creates an imbalance in your organization. These events have an impact on your organization and employees.

Is your organization prepared for this? Is there a prevention plan in place and do you have the right skills to steer it in the right direction? Or are you looking for an expert trauma coach who can carefully guide this in the right direction?

Together with a team of psychologists and trauma coaches (Zorgkracht), I guide your employees after such drastic events.For personal support, please visit the following website: Trauma coach - Annick Rogiers.

Please feel free to contact me for an introductory meeting. 

Start tackling the root causes of your organizational problems today!

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