Revive your people and processes

Revive your people and processes

Looking for a sounding board, someone who really understands you?

Looking for change, restart or growth?

With over 30 years of corporate experience in the field of employment analysis, Human Resources management and business coaching, I would like to be your sounding board.

HR Consultant

Business Coach

Trauma Coach

Are you looking for an HR Consultant who:

  • can put the finger on the wound with few words

  • can act as a sounding board for you and your employees based on trust

  • can guide you from a problematic situation to a running organization

  • can guide a project from start to finish

  • can rely on the HR domains and strategic change processes from an expert perspective

  • can offer support  on themes like absenteism and reintegration, death, dismissal, burnout, bullying at work, handling conflicts between employees and teams…

  • ...

What will be the results?

A hands-on implementation plan, coaching and guiding of managers and employees result in necessary improvements in the optimization of:

  • Better processes

  • Motivation of employees
  • Better quality products

  • More efficient communication
  • A reduced risk of work accidents

Please feel free to contact me for an introductory meeting.

Revive your people and processes

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